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crashcrash2 ●●● S3 W2 noun [countable]  1 TTHIT/BUMP INTOan accident in which a vehicle violently hits something elsecollisionplane/car/rail crash Forty-one people were killed in a plane crash.a fatal crash (=one in which someone is killed)crash between/with She was involved in a head-on crash with a motorbike (=in which the front of one vehicle directly hits the front of another). a motorway crash between a coach and a lorry a crash victimsee thesaurus at accident2 CSOUNDa sudden loud noise made by something falling, breaking etc I heard a loud crash.with a crash The branch came down with a crash.crash of a crash of thundersee thesaurus at sound3 TDan occasion when a computer or computer system suddenly stops working4 BFSan occasion on which the stocks and shares in a stock market suddenly lose a lot of value the stock market crash of October 1987COLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + crash a car/train/plane etc crashHe was badly hurt in a car crash.a road/rail/air crashThere will be an investigation into the cause of the air crash.a head-on crash (=in which the front part of two vehicles hit each other)He died in a head-on crash with a lorry.a fatal crash (=in which someone is killed)There have been several fatal crashes on this road.a high-speed crashthe risk of injury from a high-speed crasha horrific/terrible/appalling crasha horrific crash in which three teenage boys were killedverbshave a crash (also be involved in a crash) (=in a car)I’ve been nervous about driving since I had a crash last year.a crash happens/occursThe three-vehicle crash happened on the corner of Ongar Road.a crash involves somethingTwo women were taken to hospital after a crash involving a bus and a car.crash + NOUNa crash victim (=someone injured or killed in a crash)Families of the crash victims want to know what happened.a crash site/scene (=place where a crash happens)The authorities closed off a five-mile area around the crash site.a crash investigator (=someone who tries to find the cause of a crash)Crash investigators spent several days examining the scene.
Examples from the Corpus
crashIra Louvin was killed in a crash in Montana that also took the lives of six other people.Does it depend on the statistical probability of a crash?The whole tray of dishes fell to the floor with a crash.There was a loud crash in the bedroom and my dad started yelling.The stock market crash made me suspicious of those type of insurance schemes.And the Paris crash was a reminder that it can do so with the most catastrophic results.Her husband died in a plane crash in 1981.The Wall Street Crash was disastrous for many American businessmen.Luckily, I sold my shares just before the crash.It was the smoke, an autopsy revealed, that killed Evan, not injuries from the crash.Name the two famous rock stars who died in the crash with Buddy. 4. 4.Both drivers were injured in the crash.The court heard that the crash happened at Pentwyn, Cardiff, after the three celebrated Coombes' first job.loud crashThere was a terrible cry, and a loud crash.Suddenly, I heard a loud crash near me, scaring me out of my wits.After only three or four paces, a loud crash came from behind me.Lightning flashed in the sky, and there was a loud crash of thunder.A moment later there was a loud crash aft as some one rear-ended me.Suddenly there was a loud crash.There was a loud crash, as the box fell into the sea.A loud crash could be heard from the room and the sound of wailing drifted into the courtroom, startling onlookers.