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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishechoech‧o1 /ˈekəʊ $ ˈekoʊ/ ●●○ verb  1 [intransitive]CSOUND if a sound echoes, you hear it again because it was made near something such as a wall or hill The sound of an engine echoed back from the thick forest.echo through/round He could hear eerie noises echoing through the corridors.2 [intransitive]REPEAT if a place echoes, it is filled with sounds that are repeated or are similar to each otherecho with The house echoed with the sound of children’s voices.3 [transitive] literaryREPEAT to repeat what someone else has just said ‘You bet, ’ she said, echoing his words.4 [transitive]REPEAT to repeat an idea or opinion because you agree with it The article simply echoed the NRA’s arguments against gun control.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
echoHer designs were informed by vintage Halston, `Love Story' and the leisure suit, all echoing 1970s' style.The room was vast and empty and every smallest noise we made echoed.I heard footsteps echoing down the corridor.These two seem to echo each other and they certainly go side by side.But other poems echo earlier attitudes.Many of us would echo her amazement from our own recent experience.Shells-ells-ells echoes neatly down the steep canyon walls.Thunder echoed over the mountains.Type: This will echo the file information to screen.Results of the study echo the findings of recent newspaper polls.This new musical with its expensive costumes and scenery echoes the Hollywood glamour of the 1950s.In some places the reddish undercoat of the frame shows through the gold moulding, echoing the reds in the picture.Their voices echoed through the cave.I could hear it echo through the house.The thunder of the guns echoed throughout the valley.echo through/roundBy some freak of the acoustics his name seemed to echo round and round the chamber.The song echoes through Mac Court, which, just a few minutes before game time, is almost empty.He ran through the ferry-house, his steps echoing through the emptiness of the cavernous interior.Suddenly there was a strange whooping cry above us, echoing through the forest.I could hear it echo through the house.Suddenly, Stairway to Paradise is echoing through the theatre and I am stepping into the spotlight sliding faster and faster.Waves ignore frontiers and time-zones as they echo round the world.They expressed their fury with the godly in lewd ballads that echo through Underdown's story.