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echoecho2 ●●○ noun (plural echoes) [countable]  1 CSOUNDa sound that you hear again after a loud noise, because it was made near something such as a wall Her scream was followed by a loud echo.2 LIKE/SIMILARsomething that is very similar to something that has happened or been said beforeecho of The article contains echoes of an earlier report. This idea finds an echo in many African countries.
Examples from the Corpus
echoChardin's paintings of people also find an echo in some of today's best figurative sculpture.The reader's interpretation is complicated by echoes of poetic use, and appreciation of the development of a topos.Captain Cook's third and last voyage was a dismal echo of the first two.What she said in her letters to him is all lost except for echoes and resonances in his replies.There was the sound of gunshot and then its echo in the mountains.The Samaritans are the last echo that remain in the world of the ancient Israelite tradition.On these tours you still can hear the echoes of resentment over items and fortunes lost in the Civil War.The echo of the bells rang through the town.echo ofThe uprising was an echo of the student protests in the '60s.