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groangroan2 noun [countable]  1 SHOUTa long deep sound that you make when you are in pain or do not want to do something syn moan Casey let out a groan of protest.2 literaryC a long low deep sound The door opened with a groan.
Examples from the Corpus
groanThe crowd let out a groan when the ball was dropped and the other team scored.The headmaster went back to his chair and sank into it, with a groan.Nor were the terrible creaks and groans so alarming now they could be identified.The stone walls of our cottage groan and shudder as if tired of battling with the centuries of wind.Though he, too, let out little groans now and then.She heard muffled groans from the corner of the room by the television.He didn't scream but she felt him tremble and he made a small, pathetic groan, like an angry puppy.Drinks in hand, the crowd around me erupted with groans of exasperation, the kind usually reserved for terrible puns.