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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmetallicme‧tal‧lic /məˈtælɪk/ adjective  1 Ca metallic noise sounds like pieces of metal hitting each other The key turned in the lock with a loud metallic click. The pans made a metallic clatter as they crashed to the floor.2 a metallic voice is rough, hard, and unpleasant He spoke in a thin, metallic voice.3 a metallic colour shines like metal He drives a metallic red van.4 a metallic taste is bitter and unpleasant, like metal The gum left a horrible metallic taste in my mouth.5 TImade of metal or containing metal metallic particles
Examples from the Corpus
metallica metallic blue jacketThe theoretical upper temperature for this to happen with metallic compounds is about 40K.Something hard and metallic, concealed in the shadows, sliced into his leg.This involved heating zinc ore and charcoal with metallic copper in a closed vessel to about 1000°C.Earth has an actively convecting dense metallic core that produces and sustains a strong magnetic field.a metallic, female voiceIt had a rusty, metallic flavor, like nails on his tongue.The eyes of the Scribbled Anthias have a mysterious metallic green lens.There was a metallic grey VW Golf parked outside cabin fifteen.The result is a fine-grained rock containing small traces of metallic iron.metallic mineralsI loved the metallic smell of solder as it dripped in small puddles, hardening on the workbench before me.