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mutemute2 verb [transitive]  1 CQUIET formal to make the sound of something quieter, or make it disappear completely Excess noise can be reduced by muting alarms and telephones.2 APMto make a musical instrument sound softer3 formal to reduce the level of criticism, protest, discussion etc that is happening The incident so shocked all the students that it muted further protest.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
muteAll the resolution needed for maximum impact, I thought, was to have its sharp working-class rhetoric muted.However, such public condemnation and the associated moral outrage can, on occasions, be strangely muted.Reno muted criticism by taking responsibility for the decision, as well as hanging tough during congressional hearings in 1995.So is the hum and whine, despite being muted further by extra sound-proofing.The men's footfalls were muted - jungle boots on concrete.As for immigration, Texans are curiously muted on the subject.I muted the TV sound to avoid the inane commentary.To prove their patriotism, Catholics muted whatever differences they perceived between the teachings of Church and the practices of State.