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quackquack2 noun [countable]  1 Cthe sound a duck makes2 MAsomeone who pretends to be a doctor – used to show disapprovalquackery quacks selling weight-loss drugs3 British English informalMN a doctor You’d better go and see the quack with that burn.
Examples from the Corpus
quackYou may be considered an elitist or a quack.But when they open their mouths the same old hacking quacks come out, the same old self-serving screeds.There is always some magic remedy that will cure it, or some whizz-kid quack with a patent method.If she mentioned paranoia, Buzz would insist that Elinor was the victim of a lot of quacks.Larry paid some quack over a thousand dollars to cure his insomnia.That quack doesn't know anything about treating heart disease.