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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishresonantres‧o‧nant /ˈrezənənt/ adjective  1 Ca resonant sound is deep, loud, and clear, and continues for a long time the violin’s smooth, resonant tone2 resonant with something3 technicalTIMC resonant materials increase any sound produced inside themresonantly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
resonantAt times he attracted attention by making statements that were deliberately resonant.The voice was metallic and resonant."Listen, " Toranaga interrupted in his resonant, commanding voice.This resonant condition permitted Mariner 10 to fly by Mercury at close range at the times of alternate perihelion passages.The reflected signal is studied as a function of frequency and the resonant frequency, together with higher orders, is then measured.Something about that bag was wrong, or at least resonant of something wrong, but he couldn't imagine what.It has risen to a high, resonant pitch, emerging from his nose.Billy's voice had a deep, resonant tone that was a pleasure to hear.the baritone's resonant voiceThe accusing voice was changing, assuming a different timbre, resonant with menace.