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rippleripple2 noun [countable]  1 ripples.jpg WATERa small low wave on the surface of a liquid ripples on the surface of the pond She dived into the pool, making scarcely a ripple.2 CSOUNDa sound that gets gradually louder and softer A ripple of laughter ran through the audience. a ripple of applause3 SPREADa feeling that spreads through a person or a group because of something that has happened A ripple of excitement went through the crowd as he came on stage.4 CFPATTERNa shape or pattern that looks like a wave ripples on the sand5 raspberry ripple/chocolate ripple etc6 ripple effect
Examples from the Corpus
rippleShannon couldn't help but feel a ripple of warmth for the man, even though they hadn't even been introduced yet.There is a ripple of laughter.A ripple of fear passed down his spine.Her thoughtful and insightful answers, wrote one of the older social workers, began to cause ripples.Only one small, white-highlighted ripple showed where the supple arrow of his body had pierced the water.Why, there are much larger ripples on the surface of the water, upon which the paraffin rests.And I confess I feel a little ripple of interest, in response.A soft breeze made ripples on the lake.While the worst may be over, one airline consultant warned that ripple effects could last two more weeks.potato chips with ripplesripple of laughterThere was a ripple of laughter around them.Celestine found herself blushing at the ripple of laughter passing through the audience.The ripple of laughter that followed brought a scowl to Trentham's face.