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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscreamscream1 /skriːm/ ●●● S3 verb  1 [intransitive]SCREAM to make a loud high noise with your voice because you are hurt, frightened, excited etc syn shriek After the first few shots, people started screaming. a screaming babyscream with/in She jumped to her feet, screaming in terror. The children were screaming with laughter. She was screaming her head off (=screaming a lot). She began to scream blue murder (=scream very loudly). He was dragged kicking and screaming to a nearby van.see thesaurus at shout2 [intransitive, transitive] (also scream out)SCREAM to shout something in a very loud high voice because you are angry or frightened syn yell ‘Get out!’ she screamed. He screamed out her name.scream for I screamed for help.scream at He screamed at her to go away. The crowd continued to scream abuse at him.3 [intransitive]C to make a very loud high noise The police car approached, its siren screaming.COLLOCATIONSadverbsscream loudlyI just screamed as loudly as I could.scream wildly (=in a loud and uncontrolled way)Poor George, screaming wildly, was carried upstairs by his father.scream hysterically (=in a completely uncontrolled way)Some of the girls started screaming hysterically.phrasesscream with laughter/delightShe threw her head back and screamed with laughter.scream in/with painWe could hear her screaming in pain.scream in terror/agony etcHe screamed in fear and panic, and banged frantically on the door.scream your head off (=scream a lot)At least the idiot wasn’t panicking and screaming his head off.scream blue murder informal (=scream very loudly with fear or anger)She flew into a rage and screamed blue murder at him. → See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
scream"Go away!" she screamedThe man pulled a gun, and two of the women near me started screaming.The police car sped around the corner with its siren screaming.There was a loud bang, and people started screaming."Help me!" she screamed.When she saw Quinn, she dropped the bag and screamed.``Get out!'' she screamed.Everyone panicked, and people started screaming.Some one screamed, a high shrill piercing noise that caused her to break out in goose pimples.Maria felt like screaming at her husband.Sammy screamed at me to stay back.Let him scream for a while.The boy screamed for help.Their brethren had fled screaming from the battlefield.Adam screamed, loud and violent, in his attempt to absorb the pain.He would scream obscenities, loud enough to scare me half to death just by the sound of them.They are doing exactly what they are screaming others are doing to them.And yet I would marvel as he accepted police escorts to whisk him past screaming teenyboppers to court at Wimbledon.As a child, I used to wake up screaming with terror in the middle of the night.She woke up screaming with terror.scream with/inI remember that volley though both feet off the ground, it screamed in.But screaming in a corporation, even in a corporation as Neanderthalish as Salomon, was counterproductive.One side of her screamed with delight.As she screamed in pain they stole a necklace she was wearing.She lay in the street, screaming with pain.But just as he put the rope over his head, he screamed in terror and threw his arms above his head.The little children screamed in the road.Some judges have imposed such orders to deal with aggressive protesters who push and shove patients and scream in their faces.scream forI screamed for help.