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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishacousticsa‧cous‧tics /əˈkuːstɪks/ noun  1 C[plural] the shape and size of a room, which affect the way sound is heard in it The hall has excellent acoustics.2 C[uncountable] the scientific study of soundGRAMMAR: Singular or plural verb?In meaning 1, acoustics is followed by a plural verb: The acoustics in here are terrible.In meaning 2, acoustics is followed by a singular verb: Acoustics is the science of sound waves.
Examples from the Corpus
acousticsThe arena is known for its outstanding acoustics.Room acoustics Room acoustics can completely alter speech reception.You would be at the mercy of the hall's acoustics and ideally you would need to practise a bit beforehand.Seats are small but plush, and the acoustics are excellent.Indoors, you may have trouble with the acoustics of the room in which you are recording.Now more San Diego restaurants, like Tapenade, agree and have begun upgrading their acoustics.A year or so later the guitars that really killed the Levin came in - the first flat-top Yamaha acoustics.