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bellowbellow2 noun [countable]  1 a loud deep shout His voice rose to a bellow.a bellow of rage/laughter etc Alex gave another bellow of laughter.2 CHBAthe deep sound that a bull makes3 bellows
Examples from the Corpus
bellowInstead of their polished manner and measured tones, he sweats under the studio lights and delivers his lines in a bellow.In 1884 he achieved a higher temperature using another homemade furnace and bellows.With an angry bellow, the daemon rose to confront him.He touched the toad and it inflated jerkily, its throat moving in and out like bellows.The muffled bellows were the only sounds he could make as his face was pushed closer and closer to the glowing rings.He worked the bellows furiously, with disastrous results.a bellow of rage/laughter etcBehind him Hrun screamed, but it sounded more like a bellow of rage than a cry of pain.She screamed loudly, but it was a bellow of rage not helplessness.