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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblastblast1 /blɑːst $ blæst/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 air/windDN a sudden strong movement of wind or airblast of A blast of cold air swept through the hut.2 explosionEXPLODE an explosion, or the very strong movement of air that it causesin the blast Thirty-six people died in the blast.bomb/shotgun/nuclear etc blast A bomb blast completely destroyed the building.3 loud noiseC a sudden very loud noise, especially one made by a whistle or hornblast on The station master gave a blast on his whistle and we were off.long/short blast a long trumpet blast4 (at) full blast5 a blast6 emotion a sudden strong expression of a powerful emotionblast of She was totally unprepared for the blast of criticism she received.7 a blast from the past
Examples from the Corpus
blastThe referee gave a blast on his whistle and we were off.Thanks for taking us camping - Miranda had a blast!You should try water-skiing - it's a blast.Suddenly the plate-glass window shook with a blast of noise as two motorcycles roared down the street.For letterboxes, look out for seals with brushes which will prevent an icy blast when the post is delivered.The cause of death was a shotgun blast at close range, and police are now investigating the illegal killing.a shotgun blastHe opened it and the blast disfigured his face and cost him an eye and three fingers.At Batavia and Buitenzorg, the blast blew in dozens of windows, and even cracked walls.Fires are ignited as far as seventy-eight kilometers from the blast.Every window in the building had been shattered by the force of the blast.The force of the blast blew the roof off the white taxi van and shattered the windscreens of passing vehicles.The blast shook buildings across the street and could be heard at least two miles away.The blast killed 168 people and wounded hundreds.The blast was heard three miles away.blast of ... airThe two men went out, letting a blast of stinging air into the trailer.Just out in paperback, this chilling true-crime story will hit you like a blast of air conditioning.A blast of cold air hit him.A blast of heated air rushed past, and poisonous smoke belched towards him.A blast of warm foetid air rose up from the precipitous staircase to greet us.The Independent, in London, obliged with another blast of hot air.But nothing could have prepared me for the hydraulic blast of hot air that came as I stepped out.Yet the whole magazine is like this, an expensive, well-meaning, worthless blast of hot air.in the blastDespite the alleged sightings, McVeigh and Terry Lynn Nichols remain the only two charged in the blast.Other settlements were reached with some of the 21 injured in the blast.Mrs Vickers' husband Paul, 37, and four-year-old daughter Hannah were injured in the blast.Besides the three deaths, 23 people were injured in the blasts, including 12 aboard an airplane in 1979.Evidence showed that almost twice as much gas had been loaded into the underground cavern, resulting in the blast.Windows were shattered in the blast, at Farnham Street in the Catholic lower Ormeau area.long/short blastThen a short blast and six monitors took up position at the top of the lower playground.Another short blast and the school moved off to the various classrooms.Three short blasts of a steam whistle warned him the ferry was about to depart.