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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbrazenbra‧zen1 /ˈbreɪzən/ adjective  1 SYSHOCKused to describe a person, or the actions of a person, who is not embarrassed about behaving in a wrong or immoral way her brazen admission that she was cheating on him2 literaryC having a shiny yellow colour
Examples from the Corpus
brazenWe could go in and pass ourselves off as invited guests by being brazen.At first they were careful to keep their illegal practices secret, but as time went by, they grew more brazen.At first I was scared, but as I went on, I became more brazen.It was a perfect example of sheer brazen cheek.Maybe behind the gush there was something she wanted to say but wasn't brazen enough to bring out too openly.Atop a government building, it is an act of brazen humiliation.Trade in illegal tapes and computer software is brazen in some parts of the world.He met Agnes, the brazen lady-in-waiting, whom he had met on his last visit to Kinghorn.a brazen lieHis wife could no longer tolerate his brazen love affairs.The shrill blast of their brazen trumpets echoed triumphantly through the heart of the land.The film explores alternative sexuality with coy eroticism and a brazen wit, but without resorting to degrading stereotypes.