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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbreathybreath‧y /ˈbreθi/ adjective  Cif someone’s voice is breathy, you can hear their breath when they speak
Examples from the Corpus
breathyShe focuses the music on her keyboards and her front-and-center vocals, which can be breathy and intimate or jagged.Some on the edge of pioneering new work styles have been featured in breathy articles for the popular business press.The deconstruction of the pop sales process had become a breathy celebration of sales people.Owls and foxes called eerily in the breathy chill.They feature moody, hypnotic backdrops topped with his breathy intoning.And in a few moments a voice from that quarter, low and breathy, joined very softly in the responses.Alone, Kemp gave a tiny groan followed by a breathy laugh.One can not ignore the obvious influences, most notably the breathy stylings of Blossom Dearie with a pinch of Peggy Lee.