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chatterchatter2 noun [uncountable]  1 TALK TO somebodyinformal talk, especially about things that are not serious or importantchatter of the excited chatter of the audience Jane’s constant chatter was annoying him. gossip and idle chatter She was full of chatter about her new friends.2 CSOUNDa series of short high sounds made by some birds or monkeyschatter of the chatter of birds3 CSOUNDa hard quick repeated sound made by your teeth knocking together or by machineschatter of the chatter of the printer
Examples from the Corpus
chatterJane's constant chatter was beginning to annoy him.Audrey had arrived late, and her twittering, terrified, inept chatter was the most touching touch of all.Now, off with your clothes and no more chatter.His job as a government lobbyist for the Federal Communications Commission depends on nonstop chatter.The sound came back and I heard the chatter on the radio.I woke up to the chatter of helicopters flying overhead.Yet I can not share in the triumphalist chatter of the past three days, so reminiscent of 1987.I think many users are starting to get very tired of all the spamming and useless chatter that is happening on Usenet.constant chatterJane's constant chatter was beginning to annoy him.Arnold talks to the crowd, but he doesn't have Trevino's constant chatter.