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crackcrack2 ●●● S3 noun  1 THIN SPACEOPENgap [countable] a very narrow space between two things or two parts of somethingcrack between He squeezed into a crack between two rocks.crack in He could see them through a crack in the door. She opened the door a crack and peeped into the room.see thesaurus at hole2 BREAKBREAKbreak [countable] a thin line on the surface of something when it is broken but has not actually come apartcrack in There were several small cracks in the glass.3 weakness [countable] a weakness or fault in an idea, system, or organizationcrack in The cracks in their relationship were starting to show. The first cracks are beginning to appear in the economic policy.4 soundC [countable] a sudden loud sound like the sound of a stick being brokenloud/sharp crack There was a sharp crack as the branch broke off.crack of We could hear the crack of gunfire in the distance. a crack of thunder5 JOKE/REMARKjoke [countable] informal a clever joke or rude remarkcrack about I didn’t like his crack about her being overweight. He’s always making cracks about how stupid I am. 6 CHANCE/OPPORTUNITYattempt [countable] informal an attempt to do something syn shotcrack at I’d like a crack at climbing that mountain. The competition’s open to anyone – why don’t you have a crack?7 DRUGdrug [uncountable]MDD an illegal drug that some people take for pleasure crack addicts8 body [countable] informal the space between someone’s buttocks9 a crack on the head10 a crack in somebody’s voice11 the crack of dawn12 computer [countable] a piece of information or computer code that lets you illegally change free software which may lack certain features of the full version, so that the free software works in the same way as the full version13 a fair crack of the whip14 another spelling of craic
Examples from the Corpus
crackCracks began to appear in the facade of their perfect family.This cup has a crack in it.Even with the car windows left open a crack, the temperature inside can reach 120 degrees in less than 30 minutes.But somehow her name had slipped through some bureaucratic crack.Long chains of tiny craters on Phobos suggest the drainage of regolith into deep cracks that riddle its interior.There are a few cracks in the plaster.Of course it would be ideal to have a material in which it was impossible to initiate cracks at all.Jagged cracks cut across the thick glass arch over the main entryway.As I hit the floor, I heard a loud crack in my arm.There was a loud crack of thunder as the storm began.Goons run rampant; crack is dealt on every corner of the Bronx, and law enforcement is something of a joke.The X-ray showed several cracks in the bone of her left leg.The branch broke with a sudden crack.Then ants would crawl through the cracks in the floor and build a big nest in the middle of the bedroom.Through the crack under the door I could smell Shelly loud and clear.The crack in the bedroom wall seems to be widening.Shirley has been addicted to crack for four years.Thus mild steel structures, for instance, can generally put up with cracks at least a metre long without breaking.opened ... a crackBut Belle heard the footsteps coming towards her and opened her eyes a crack to see the huge leather shoes next to her.I crossed the room and opened the door a crack.The kitchen door opened a crack and a servant, her head bound tightly in blue cloth, peeked into the room.Spotting a hatch in the far wall, she walked across and gingerly opened it a crack.But the preacherman had opened up a crack, and got into her greymass.The oak trunk opened, cracked by the forces of the earth.Other doors were opened just a crack, just enough to see eyes glowing in the darkness.As the door to understanding this Wonderland opened a crack, many researchers rushed in.cracks ... appearIt took time for the first cracks to appear.In hot summer weather this frequently happens and, when drying is rapid, hair cracks appear.However, if cracks do appear, you should try brushing a mixture of peat or compost and coarse sand into them.The raft was defective and settlement occurred causing serious cracks to appear in the houses.But then cracks began to appear again, as Quakers' discipline slipped.loud/sharp crackI was telling myself that it would soon be over when I heard a sharp crack.Sometimes a sharp crack and something falling into darkness.A strong wind was now blowing and there was a loud crack of thunder.The bomb detonated with a sharp crack, sending tiny but razor-sharp pieces of metal into the backs of the gun crews.The umbrella fell to the floor with a sharp crack of the ferrule on the tile.Just as they reached it, the hinges surrendered and ripped loose with a loud crack.And sharp cracks in the distance, which could be ice or trees or could be the earth itself.We're used to the sharp cracks of lightning and the belch of thunder issuing from the belly of the sky.have a crackWe'd have cracked somebody's head if we'd used them.Terence's face went from being startled by his attack to astonishment, then might have cracked into a smile.There was not one timber which did not have cracks and splints.Luke, however, who was a genius with difficult horses, begged to be allowed to have a crack at her.I requested colleagues to have a crack at him all to no avail.The consortium's spokesman Chris Rowley claims his group is the only one to have cracked the retuning problem.We have a crack now and again.If he had smiled a moment sooner Hicks would have cracked his skull.