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dronedrone2 noun  1 CLOW SOUND OR VOICE[singular] a continuous low dull sounddrone of the steady drone of traffic2 HBI[countable] a male bee that does no work3 LAZY[countable] someone who has a good life but does not work to earn it or give anything back to society4 [countable] technical an aircraft that does not have a pilot, but is operated by radio
Examples from the Corpus
droneThe organism of a hive yields integration for its community of worker bees, drones, pollen and brood.They needed the repetition, the dense hypnotic drone of woods and water, but above all they needed to be together.The police use high-tech radar drones to catch speeders.Nothing in the sing-song drone showed that he noticed.There he crowded against other inhabitants in mutual discomfort as the drone of bombers drew near.Gradually, the drone of the Boeing's engines faded into the background of her thought.Didn't she hear it, the drone, the hum, that awful, teasing, dreary hum?Shelby was one of the drones on the factory floor.I fall asleep to the drone of sirens and helicopters overhead.She was labeled a welfare drone.drone ofThe drone of the traffic was keeping him awake.