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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfootfallfoot‧fall /ˈfʊtfɔːl $ -fɒːl/ noun  1 [countable]C literary the sound of each step when someone is walking syn footstep heavy footfalls2 [uncountable] British English technical the number of people who visit a shop or shopping area – used in business
Examples from the Corpus
footfallHer reverie was disturbed by a footfall on the stair.I listened to his decisive footfalls approach me.I turned and plunged downwards, hoping my footfalls would be masked by his, making-plans as I went.No footfall announces her, but there she is, standing where before there was nobody when Denver looked.I hear leather soles smacking the flagstones rapidly, they stop, then heavier, rubber footfalls, then voices.They sounded like the footfalls of a drunken giant.Then, they were the footfalls of voters turning away from him in the opinion polls as scandals sucked him downward.They moved up the corridor, their footfalls against the bare boards sending out hollow echoes.