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gruntgrunt2 noun [countable]  1 Ca short low sound that a person or animal makes in their throat Chris gave a grunt and went back to sleep.2 American English informalPMA someone who does hard physical work for low pay The grunts move the crates.3 American English informal a soldier in the infantry
Examples from the Corpus
gruntHe stooped and, with a grunt, hoisted the man on to his vacant shoulder.He stood up with a grunt.With a little grunt, he returned to his cooking and she regretted her abrupt refusal.There were no grunts, no thumps, no scuffling of feet.We brought a load of grunts with us, and they jumped off to join their fellows as soon as we landed.He was supposed to advise the grunts on how to use the aircraft and the crews assigned to them.I could hear Hilda moaning, then the grunts, laughter and jeering of the soldiers.He was shot down trying to resupply them and spent the entire night crewing a machine gun with the grunts.