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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgunshotgun‧shot /ˈɡʌnʃɒt $ -ʃɑːt/ noun  1 [countable]CSHOOT the action of shooting a gun, or the sound that this makes She says she heard a gunshot at about midnight.2 [uncountable]PMW the bullets fired from a gun gunshot wounds
Examples from the Corpus
gunshotAuthorities were talking to him by telephone shortly before noon on Friday when they heard a gunshot and the line went dead.a gunshot woundHis brother, Omar, 39, died from gunshots to the head instantly after the two were attacked Monday.I heard gunshots in the back-ground as the trooper talked on the radio to Farris.No crises, no sudden terror, no gunshots and screaming in the night.When I fire one gunshot, they go.Another was already on the way, off-target because Zeno hadn't expected the gunshot.One of the neighbours was sure to have made an anonymous call to the police, reporting the gunshot.All this was in the background when the gunshots rang out in the National Theater.gunshot woundsSince 1986, gunshot wounds to children age 16 and under have increased by 300 percent in major urban areas.Each of them will testify that in his opinion death in each instance was caused by gunshot wounds in the head.The reports said two other women were being treated for gunshot wounds.Deaths from gunshot wounds have soared among black youths, while deaths from other forms of violence have remained level.It's three years to the day since Tony Alliss died from gunshot wounds.It was in a plastic sack and had gunshot wounds.All had multiple gunshot wounds except the 4-year-old, who suffered one wound to the chest, authorities said.Real bodies; real blood - and with 115 very real bayonet wounds and six gunshot wounds between them.