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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgutturalgut‧tur‧al /ˈɡʌtərəl/ adjective  Ca guttural voice or sound is or seems to be produced deep in someone’s throat syn throaty
Examples from the Corpus
gutturalTheir speech, when they cried out, was guttural.Sharp, guttural cries accompanied the drum of hooves.Mike made some guttural noise to indicate that he had heard me.That meant learning their language, composed mostly of guttural noises, facial expressions, arm movements and gestures.Ruby attempted to communicate by a combination of gestures, clicks, and guttural sounds unlike any known language.His guttural utterances are accompanied by erudite subtitles.He twisted around toward the one who had him in his grasp, and let out a guttural, weird howl.