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highhigh2 ●●● S2 W3 adverb  1 above the groundHIGH at or to a level high above the ground, the floor etc opp low He kicked the ball high into the air, over the heads of the crowd.high above/into etc Hotel Miramar is situated high above the bay. A ski lift whisks you high into the mountains.2 value/cost/amountEXPENSIVELOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNT at or to a high value, cost, amount etc opp low If prices shoot up any higher, no one will be able to afford to live in the area. Tom scored higher than anyone else in the class.3 soundCHIGH SOUND OR VOICE with a high sound A strange cry rang high into the night.4 achievementHIGH POSITION OR RANK at or to a high rank or level of achievement, especially within a company opp low It seems that the higher you rise, the less time you have to actually do your job. My parents always encouraged me to aim high.5 (leave somebody/something) high and dry6 look/search high and low hold your head high at hold1(16), → live high on the hog at live1(26), → be riding high at ride1(6), → run high at run1(28)
Examples from the Corpus
highCould the pressure be too high?The girl's voice rang high above everyone else's.The dollar climbed higher against the yen today.Monopolies tend to keep their prices and profits high by restricting the supply of a good.It has long been thought that a diet high in fiber reduces the risks of cancer.Sandy continued to rise higher in Zefco's ranks.And the elder Miss Snoot at her window high up in Old Odborough looks over the roofs of the town.The phone is high up on the wall.high above/into etcEmpty chairs with harnesses swung violently through the air, high above people's heads.For once he allowed the cork to fly high into the air.There he stands, high above the congregation, as though he has removed his last connection with worldly beings.He flicked away another cigarette as they made their way towards him to continue the drive still higher into the hills.Neither could she see that around them there were islands rising high above the sea, many islands.Forget Michelangelo, lying on his back high above the Sistine Chapel floor to paint his famous frescoes.Living as he did high above the Thames on the fringe of the city, this wasn't his part of London.rang highDown went Pew, under the horse's feet, with a cry that rang high into the night.aim highJob satisfaction is commonly a crucial factor in a decision not to aim high.She wanted to aim high as she was naturally competitive.I froze in the shelter of my rock, but the glasses were aimed higher, at the tent.