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patterpatter2 noun  1 [singular]CHIT the sound made by something as it keeps hitting a surface lightly and quicklypatter of the patter of footsteps the pitter-patter of raindrops2 [singular, uncountable]TALK TO somebody fast, continuous, and usually amusing talk, used by someone telling jokes or trying to sell something It’s difficult to look at the cars without getting the sales patter.3 the patter of tiny feet
Examples from the Corpus
patterPaula Curry was good at hiding discomfort behind easy patter, but the strain was starting to tell.My thoughts wandered as the tour guide began his patter.The tour guide begins his patter on Forty-sixth.While you are doing this trick it's a good idea to invent a little patter.a salesman's patterAs I hurried I heard the scrabbling patter of the wolves closing in.the patter of mice in the atticIt was drizzling very lightly, and I could hear the tiny patter of small raindrops.Dennis was knocking the stuff back like lager, not even bothering with his usual patter.patter ofthe patter of raindrops