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rattlerattle2 noun  1 [countable, uncountable]C a short repeated sound, made when something shakes They listened anxiously to every rattle and creak in the house.rattle of the rattle of chains the faint rattle of distant gunfire death rattlesee thesaurus at sound2 rattle.jpg [countable]DHT a baby’s toy that makes a noise when it is shaken3 [countable] British English an object that people shake to make a loud noise and show excitement or encouragement, for example at ceremonies or sports games
Examples from the Corpus
rattleThere was a rattle and a creak from behind me.Death rattle is what it was.Foaming liquid sprayed above the dancers' heads and fell to the floor with the dry rattle of earth sprinkled on wood.A machine gun opened up but its rattle was lost in the second explosion.Sioux medicine men collected tiny, glistening pebbles from anthills and used them in medicine rattles.Ponyets heard the staccato rattle of the receiver quite plainly.Think about the rattle of the electric trains on their way to Southfields and Putney.I heard the rattle of a key in the door, and knew David was home.Just then we heard the rattle of a key in the lock.rattle ofthe rattle of chains