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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishraucousrau‧cous /ˈrɔːkəs $ ˈrɒː-/ adjective  1 CLOUD/NOISYsounding unpleasantly loud He burst into raucous laughter. raucous cheerssee thesaurus at loud2 impolite, noisy, and violent A group of raucous students spilled out of the bar. The atmosphere became increasingly raucous.raucously adverb
Examples from the Corpus
raucousOne wonders, indeed, if the raucous atmosphere of other grounds would not be a relief to Thomond Park kickers.Raucous crowds yelled and cheered.Then came one of the most raucous exchanges of the convention.A howl of raucous laughter came from the kitchen.Some raucous laughter followed the ribald remark.raucous laughterNo one turned a hair at your raucous laughter.But penning in this raucous melee are buildings that seem all shutters and grids.He sat and finished his drink, ignoring the raucous voices from the other end of the bar.Although Great Groups experience their moments of near despair, they are more often raucous with laughter.raucous laughterDuring the movie, though, my audience participation mostly took the form of loud, raucous laughter.Half way through, Rainbow is ejected from the cinema, after complaints about too much raucous laughter.He seemed to find the remark hilarious, because he broke into raucous laughter.No one turned a hair at your raucous laughter.Some raucous laughter followed the ribald remark.