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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishroaringroar‧ing /ˈrɔːrɪŋ/ adjective  1 [only before noun]CLOUD/NOISY making a deep, very loud, continuous noise the roaring wind and waves2 roaring fire3 do a roaring trade (in something)4 be a roaring success5 roaring drunk
Examples from the Corpus
roaringAll those roaring blurs of hissing steam and belching smoke were gone now to the breaker's yard.The roaring, boozing Saturday nights were always great.The Hercules made another, much higher pass, its whine almost lost in the roaring sea.In fact the mountains were cumulus clouds and the roaring sound came from the surf.Instead he could hear a roaring sound of blood in his ears.A vast roaring wall of death and destruction.Our train passed over a roaring waterfall.