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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsoft-spokenˌsoft-ˈspoken, softly-spoken adjective  CQUIEThaving a pleasant quiet voice a soft-spoken man
Examples from the Corpus
soft-spokenHe was also invariably courteous and soft-spoken.A few defy credibility: Alliance invited for innocent, beautiful, charming, compassionate, sober, soft-spoken and good natured divorcee.They stopped before him, and a soft-spoken captain materialized from a near-by doorway.Anyway, since those days I've had a marked preference for small frail soft-spoken dentists like Mr Grover.And it was hard to reconcile his soft-spoken good manners with the ruthless determination of his business career.A soft-spoken man off the field, Chief was a fiery competitor on it.The soft-spoken producer of opera, theater and dance was found dead Saturday morning at his West Hollywood home.In her soft-spoken way, Elizabeth Dole is as much a political professional as Hillary Clinton.a tall, soft-spoken woman in her 30s