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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsweetsweet1 /swiːt/ ●●● S2 W3 adjective (comparative sweeter, superlative sweetest)  1 tasteCTSWEET containing or having a taste like sugarsour, bitter, dry This tea is too sweet. sweet juicy peaches sweet winesee thesaurus at taste2 characterNICE kind, gentle, and friendly a sweet smile How sweet of you to remember my birthday! sweet-temperedsee thesaurus at kind, nice3 children/small things especially British EnglishBEAUTIFUL/GOOD-LOOKING looking pretty and attractive syn cute Your little boy looks very sweet in his new coat.4 thoughts/emotionsHAPPY making you feel pleased, happy, and satisfied Revenge is sweet. the sweet smell of success the sweet taste of victory Goodnight, Becky. Sweet dreams.5 smellsCO having a pleasant smell syn fragrant sweet-smelling flowers the sickly sweet (=unpleasantly sweet) smell of rotting fruit6 soundsC pleasant to listen to opp harsh She has a very sweet singing voice. 7 have a sweet tooth8 water/air if you describe water or air as sweet, you mean that it is fresh and clean opp stale She hurried to the door and took great gulps of the sweet air.9 keep somebody sweet10 in your own sweet way/time11 a sweet deal12 sweet FA13 sweet nothings14 be sweet on somebody15 sweet!sweetly adverb home sweet home at home1(13), → short and sweet at short1(1), sweetnessTHESAURUSsweet sweet food or drink has had sugar added or contains natural sugarsItalian oranges are very sweet.a cup of hot sweet teasugary sweet because a lot of sugar has been addedSugary foods are bad for your teeth.sickly British English tasting unpleasantly sweetThe dessert was rather sweet and sickly.a sickly sweet fruit drinkcloying tasting or smelling unpleasantly sweetI find strawberry and peach drinks too cloying.the cloying smell of fish oil
Examples from the Corpus
sweetWe've lost to them four times, so beating them was really sweet.Your belly is very furry and quite sweet.Oh, thank you so much - you are sweet!Aromatherapy: massage with essential oils made from natural sources and blended with a neutral base, such as sweet almond oils.His secret is a tone that is preternaturally sweet and centered.Specifically, it is citrus vodka, orange passion fruit liqueur, and a hint of sweet and sour.The pie is a little too sweet for me.Catherine said the music sounded sweeter from high up, and so she went to sit in the dark on the stairs.He's a really sweet guy but I couldn't date him.Jessica looks so sweet in that hat.After the sweet juice is extracted, they carry it in wooden buckets on their heads to the next stage.sweet, juicy peachesIt was very sweet of you to buy me those flowers.And the old fountain, now green with moss and algae, made a sweet, pattering sound.Fran is such a sweet person.a sweet singing voicea cup of hot sweet teaItalian oranges are much sweeter than the ones we buy in Britain.sweet of youIt's very sweet of them.That's really sweet of you.How sweet of you to come celebrate with me.It was sweet of you to go.Sweet dreamsIt might be the jolt had awakened her. Sweet dreams?Turn the gain down a bit and the reverb up and this translates into old Roy Buchanan - anyone remember Sweet Dreams?They are often cheap-looking paperback books, usually in series with names like Sweet dreams, Teens, Couples, and Plus.sickly sweetThere can be virtue in the parlance of sincerity, sickly sweet as it seems.Suddenly, he felt a warning, just a hint of the sickly sweet odour he remembered so vividly from the marketplace.It was hot and jammed and the air was redolent with the sickly sweet smell of cheap champagne.And again there was that sickly sweet stench of cooked flesh which clogged his nostrils and made him want to vomit.He was fuming about it when Yolanda hopped into his car, the sickly sweet stink of her perfume almost choking him.