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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtinnytin‧ny /ˈtɪni/ adjective  CHIGH SOUND OR VOICEa tinny sound is high, weak, and unpleasant, and sounds like it is coming out of something made of metal tinny music
Examples from the Corpus
tinnyWould it become the Santa Anita Classic or something equally tinny?The recording of the concert was very tinny.The bubbles disappeared quickly and it tasted quite tinny.Once we heard the sound of firing, but the crackle of guns came up to us tinny and diminished.They heard the tinny clatter of its properties rattled round the yard among running feet.As he neared the park he could hear the tinny music from Joey's radio.Every morning I heard the tinny radio play as he washed, hung up and ironed sheets.But instead of the tinny rippling of coils, San Franciscans heard the throaty roar of rock.Tabitha's headset suddenly locked into an ambient channel and began to tinkle with tinny salsa.Anne heard the tinny thrash of muted music.The music sounded tinny through the old speakers.