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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwhinewhine /waɪn/ verb  1 [intransitive, transitive]COMPLAIN to complain in a sad annoying voice about something syn moan Oh Charlotte, please stop whining. ‘I don’t understand, ’ whined Rose.whine about The sergeant was whining about how hard he had been forced to work recently.2 CSOUND[intransitive] to make a long high sound because you are in pain or unhappy He could hear the dog whining behind the door.3 CSOUND[intransitive] if a machine whines, it makes a continuous high soundwhine noun [countable] The baby’s howl turned to a high-pitched whine. the whine of a vacuum cleaner→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
whine"What did you do that for?" he whined.The van sped into the Marble Arch roundabout with tyres whining.You're ugly enough without starting to whine.He's always whining about how much everything costs.Gas pedal to the floor, we backed up with the engine whining and the chassis shaking.We get together, start whining, and then we go on strike.The only human notes in the dull and humorless whining are cigarette references.And that part of my mind seemed to whine faintly and go very cold and still.The dog's whining for food.He did the same, now making occasional soft whining grunts.For heaven's sake stop whining. Nobody has touched your precious records.Stop whining, or you won't get any candy.She was whining to him about how Eyas Securities had played this awful trick on her, how embarrassing it all was.whine aboutI have to listen her whine all day about her boyfriend.