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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishamberam‧ber /ˈæmbə $ -ər/ noun [uncountable]  1 amber.jpg CCa yellowish brown colour2 HBTIa hard yellowish brown substance used to make jewellery an amber necklaceamber adjective
Examples from the Corpus
amberThere was no light on in the room directly above, but amber glowed from the darkroom doorway.Pollard would sit there savoring their gradations: honey amber, copper amber, apricot amber, root-beer amber.It stayed on her, pinning her down mercilessly, like a fly trapped in amber.Her face was pale and tragic in the lamplight; her bright eyes shone like amber held up to the light.Britain may also have been the trade-source of the small amount of amber found in Crete.Jarvis even sees a market for eyeshields tinted grey, for sunny-day play, or amber, for street hockey at dusk.I study the amber until the waves of indecision and conflict about leaving Joe and the house recede.The amber was at one time polished to make a pendant with the fly as centre piece.