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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblueblue1 /bluː/ ●●● S1 W2 adjective πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 COLOURCChaving the colour of the sky or the sea on a fine day β†’ navy, navy blue πŸ”Š the blue waters of the lakedark/light/pale/bright blue πŸ”Š a dark blue raincoat2 SAD[not before noun] informalSAD/UNHAPPY sad and without hope syn depressed πŸ”Š I’ve been feeling kind of blue.3 SEXY informal blue jokes, stories etc are about sex, in a way that might offend some people β†’ blue movie4 β†’ argue/talk etc till you’re blue in the face5 β†’ blue with cold6 β†’ go blue7 β†’ talk a blue streak β€”blueness noun [uncountable] β†’ black and blue, β†’ once in a blue moon at once1(15), β†’ scream blue murder at scream1(1)
Examples from the Corpus
blueβ€’ Thousands of fertilized sea urchin eggs, starfish and blue clams returned to Earth with the astronauts.β€’ Inside this box, the hot, red upwellings of the mantle moved past cold, blue downwellings.β€’ Carrie's bright blue eyes mirrored her good health and she hummed happily to herself as she brushed down her best coat.β€’ Her jokes are too blue for most audiences.β€’ The man who shot Richard had grey hair and was wearing a black leather jacket, a blue jumper and jeans.β€’ blue languageβ€’ There are blue laws and blue movies.β€’ I found the kids watching a blue movie on the video last night.β€’ Quills of blue smoke rose out of the swinging ball.β€’ a dark blue sweaterdark/light/pale/bright blueβ€’ Just like the familiar bedding forget-me-not, but perennial and with softer hairless leaves. Bright blue.β€’ Not boring white or dark blue broadcloth, but in an explosion of colors and fabrics, from stretch denim to corduroy.β€’ Behind the mask of her dark blue eyes lurked horror and shock, perhaps even guilt.β€’ Already the moon was up, a full moon bathing everything in a pale blue light.β€’ It is divided horizontally by color with bright blue on the head and back and yellow on the stomach and tail.β€’ There he saw a dark green car near the entrance with a light blue one behind it.β€’ But he had no trouble with the light blue ribbons.β€’ We dressed him in his best dark blue suit, light blue shirt and red tie.