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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishboldbold /bəʊld $ boʊld/ ●●○ adjective  1 person/actionBRAVE not afraid of taking risks and making difficult decisions In a surprisingly bold move, he is threatening court action against the company. My aunt Flo was a bold determined woman. He had the ability to take bold imaginative decisions.see thesaurus at brave2 manner/appearanceCONFIDENT so confident or determined that you sometimes offend people You should be feeling confident and bold when you meet your bank manager. She marched into his office as bold as brass (=very confident and not showing enough respect).3 colours/shapesCCCF very strong or bright so that you notice them bold geometric shapes Stripes are bold, bright, and fun to wear. bold colours4 lines/writingCLEAR/EASY TO SEE written or drawn in a very clear way an envelope addressed to her in a bold black hand The graphics are bold and colourful. The print should be bold and easy to read.5 TCNprinted letters printed in letters that are darker and thicker than ordinary printed letters All the headings are in bold type. 6 make/be so bold (as to do something)7 if I may be so boldboldly adverbboldness noun [uncountable]COLLOCATIONSnounsa bold moveThe newspapers described her resignation as a bold move.a bold stepThe following year he made a bold step to expand his business.a bold attemptIt was a bold attempt to win back public confidence.a bold statement/assertion/claimIn a surprisingly bold statement, the couple said they had no intention of marrying.a bold decisionDeciding to emigrate is a bold decision for anyone to make.a bold initiativeInvestors have become used to the company’s bold initiatives.a bold experimentMaking a film from the book was a bold experiment, and it worked.
Examples from the Corpus
boldAnd we ought, in fairness, to wonder who else in similar circumstances would have proved so much bolder?He was one of the boldest and most innovative composers of his day.What we need is a strong leader, someone who is bold enough to make tough decisions.Roller blinds offer a good deal of scope through colour and fabric combinations, from floral patterns to bold geometric prints.bold illustrationsa bold leaderThey are looking for bold leadership.As innocent as that sounded, it was a bold move.Autumnal eyes are bold, obvious, slightly overdone, in deep, dark colors.Protests over the scale, and the proposed design, combined with financial realities to quash a very bold plan.The speech began with a bold statement about racism.wallpaper with bold stripesIt would not be considered bold today.bold moveAs innocent as that sounded, it was a bold move.That first trip was a bold move.In a particularly bold move, I decided to shave less often.That would be a bold move indeed.Two years later, in 1994, he made perhaps the boldest move of his life.It is a bold move, since it throws into reverse one of Clinton's central election pledges.Lee wasted no time entering Maryland, the men being in high spirits as the bold move was made.