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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbrownbrown1 /braʊn/ ●●● S2 W2 adjective πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 CChaving the colour of earth, wood, or coffee πŸ”Š dark brown hair2 BEAUTIFUL/GOOD-LOOKINGhaving skin that has been turned brown by the sun πŸ”Š He’d been on vacation and looked very brown. πŸ”Š He was as brown as a berry after two weeks in the sun.COLLOCATIONStypes of brownlight/pale browna light brown jacketdark/deep browndark brown eyeswarm browna warm brown shaderich browna rich brown colourreddish brownThe earth was reddish brown.golden brownCook until the cheese is golden brown.rusty brown (=an orange-brown colour)It was autumn and the leaves were already rusty brown.muddy brownthe muddy brown water of the riverchestnut brown (=a red-brown colour)a beautiful chestnut brown horsechocolate brownHe was wearing a chocolate brown pullover.
Examples from the Corpus
brownβ€’ He left and came back with a brown bag that he threw the bundles into.β€’ Riker flew to the lone hill covered with tall brown grass and a few small trees.β€’ Tall and thin, with dark brown hair, and blue eyes, he was an engineer.β€’ His thick brown hair fell down the sides of his face.β€’ Her skin gets really brown in the summer.β€’ There were angry feelings on her part because we weren't brown like her.β€’ The floor combined brown linoleum with brown and black tile.β€’ Dim lights shone in brown parlour windows and there was a trail of yellow in the purpling sky behind the chimneys.β€’ a brown shirt