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brownbrown2 ●●● S2 W2 noun [countable, uncountable]  CCthe colour of earth, wood, or coffee This particular model is available in brown, white, or grey. the browns and greens of the landscape
Examples from the Corpus
brownThere is an enormous range of colours available, from bright reds and yellows, through buffs and browns, to purplish-black.As the wind breathes over it seems to find colours: yellows and browns and greens out there.The rising sun slowly turns the drab greys and dull browns of the mountains to patches of pale gold and dusty pinks.Her hair was a thick glossy bush of pale fawn brown, not quite shoulder-length.Bamboo pieces also suit rooms painted white and in shades of green, browns and neutrals.As the farmers plow their fields, some of the pastures seem striped; others are rich brown.Thus the blacks on the boats reflect as lighter richer browns.