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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcherrycher‧ry /ˈtʃeri/ ●●○ S3 noun (plural cherries)  1 cherries.jpg [countable]HBPDLC a small round red or black fruit with a long thin stem and a stone in the middle a bunch of cherries cherry pie2 a) (also cherry tree) [countable] the tree on which this fruit grows b) (also cherrywood) [uncountable]TI the wood of this tree, used for making furniture3 CC[uncountable] (also cherry red) a bright red colourcherry adjective another bite/a second bite at the cherry at bite2(8)
Examples from the Corpus
cherryLooks more like a cotton wool factory than a cherry orchard.This mediumbodied Chianti with pleasing black cherry and herb flavors would be a delightful match with grilled hamburgers.Add pecans, dates and chopped cherries.Prices range from around £5 for a door in pine, to £7.50 in cherry.They were buying Eccles cakes and treacle tart and currant buns and iced tarts with bright-red cherries on top.The two cherry berets with Osvaldo had been quite badly chewed up, though one still moved.Just before serving, fold in the whipping cream or CoolWhip and serve topped with cherries if desired.In the spring, the rolling hills around Yakima Valley turn snow white with cherry and apple blossoms.