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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchromaticchro‧mat‧ic /krəʊˈmætɪk, krə- $ kroʊ-, krə-/ adjective  1 APM technical related to a musical scale which consists of semitones a chromatic scale chromatic harmonies2 CC formal related to bright colours
Examples from the Corpus
chromaticIs it mainly diatonic or chromatic?Substitution notes may be diatonic or chromatic.In my next column I will deal with the chromatic approach notes.The new system was as deep and mysterious as its chromatic code name implied.Power, a New Zealander, plays the blues harp and the chromatic harmonica.The movement falls into two repeated halves, the second having more chromatic lower parts.It possesses a complete chromatic scale between these two notes.the chromatic scaleFirst we will deal with diatonic and chromatic substitution notes, which are the main means of obscuring conventional chords.