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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclearclear1 /klɪə $ klɪr/ ●●● S1 W1 adjective (comparative clearer, superlative clearest)  1 easy to understandCLEAR/EASY TO UNDERSTAND expressed in a simple and direct way so that people understandclarity, clearly clear instructions The question wasn’t very clear. It’s the clearest guide I’ve used.clear about The school is clear about its policy on bullying.clear about what/when/how etc Be very clear about what jobs should be completed, and by when.clear on The rules are quite clear on the point.clear to It was clear to him that Tolkien was a literary genius.make something clear The bishop made his views clear in a letter to the publisher. How can you make the meaning clearer?make it clear that Make it clear that you will not take sides.absolutely/abundantly clear Can I make it absolutely clear that we did not intend this to happen? Perhaps I tried to cover too much and didn’t make myself clear (=express myself well). If you don’t understand, it’s best to say so and get things clear. If I catch you smoking again, you’re grounded. Do I make myself clear? (=used when you are angry)clear picture/idea (=a good understanding) The report gave a clear picture of the property’s condition. He writes crystal clear (=very easy to understand) prose.2 impossible to doubtCLEAR/EASY TO UNDERSTAND impossible to doubt, question, or make a mistake aboutclearly clear evidence of guilt They won by a clear majority.it is clear whether/why/how etc It’s not clear whether he shares her views.it is clear (that) It’s clear that the drug does benefit some patients. When it became clear that I was pregnant, he left me.clear case/example of something a clear case of sexual discriminationsee thesaurus at obvious3 CERTAINsure about somethingCLEAR/EASY TO UNDERSTAND feeling certain that you know or understand somethingclearlyclear about/on Are you all clear now about what you have to do?clear whether/what/how etc I’m still not really clear how this machine works. Let me get this clear – you hadn’t seen her in three days? a clearer understanding of the issues4 thinkingTHINK ABOUT able to think sensibly and quicklyclarity, clearly She felt that her thinking was clearer now. In the morning, with a clear head, she’d tackle the problem.5 substance/liquidCC easy to see through, rather than coloured or dirty syn transparent opp cloudy, opaque clear glass bottles a crystal clear mountain lake 6 weatherSEE clean and fresh, without clouds or mist a clear June morning The skies were clear and blue.7 eyesHEALTHY healthy, very pure in colour, and without any redness clear blue eyes8 skinHEALTHY smooth and without any red spots a clear complexion9 easy to seeCLEAR/EASY TO SEE having details, edges, lines etc that are easy to see, or shapes that are easy to recognizeclarity a TV with a clear picture and high-quality sound10 easy to hearHEAR easy to hear, and therefore easy to understandclarity, clearly a clear speaking voice The radio reception isn’t very clear. It’s a good recording; the sound is as clear as a bell (=very clear). 11 after taxEARN a clear amount of profit, wages etc is what is left after taxes have been paid on it syn net I get £200 a week clear. Sam makes a clear $90,000 per year.12 a clear conscience13 period of timeBUSY/HAVE A LOT TO DO without any planned activities or events Next Monday is clear; how about ten o'clock?14 not busyCOMPLETE complete or whole Allow three clear days for delivery.15 not blocked/coveredSEE not covered or blocked by anything that stops you from doing or seeing what you want The roads were fairly clear this morning.clear view/look From the top floor you get a clear view of the bay.clear of To prevent fires, the sides of the roads are kept clear of underbrush.16 see your way clear (to doing something)17 be clear of something18 as clear as mudclearness noun [uncountable] all clear, → the coast is clear at coast1(2)COLLOCATIONSverbsmake something clearChildren may have difficulty in making their feelings clear.get something clear (=understand something properly)I was trying to get the idea clear in my mind.adverbsabsolutely/perfectly clearHis answer was perfectly clear.crystal clear (=extremely clear)The instructions on the packet are crystal clear.abundantly clear formal (=extremely clear)By July the scale of the problem had become abundantly clear.not entirely clearSam’s reasons for leaving were not entirely clear.nounsa clear picture/idea (=a good understanding)Some work experience should give you a clear idea of what the job involves.phrasesmake it clear thatThe tone of her voice made it clear that she was very angry.make yourself clear (=express yourself in a way that is easy to understand)Please tell me if I’m not making myself clear.be far from clear/be by no means clear (=be very unclear)The directions she gave me were far from clear. THESAURUSMeaning 5: easy to see through, rather than coloured or dirtyeasy to see throughclear easy to see through, rather than coloured or dirtyThe table top is a piece of clear glass.a clear liquidThe water was so clear that you could see down to the bottom of the lake.transparent clear – used especially about materials and solid things. Transparent is a little more formal than clearFill a transparent plastic bottle with water.a piece of transparent filmMelt 2 ounces of butter in a large frying pan, and cook the onions until they are almost transparent.see-through made of a very thin material that you can see through – used especially about women’s clothesShe wore a black see-through dress.limpid literary clear – used especially about water or other liquids . This is a very formal word which is used in novels and literaturelimpid poolsShe gave her a golden flask of limpid olive oil. difficult to see throughopaque difficult to see throughThe shower has an opaque glass door.
Examples from the Corpus
clearMost of the photographs were sharp and clear.What actually disturbed him is not so clear.Even after two thousand years the writing is quite clear.High-definition television is amazing. The picture is so clear.I'll give you until Monday to turn in your essay. Is that clear?Let me be clear about the reason.It became clear after talking to him that Andrew wasn't going to cooperate.A preference for country living is clear, and in some remoter rural districts there was even a significant growth in population.On a clear day, you can see Mount Fuji from Tokyo.a beautiful clear dayThe sounds were too indistinct for him to hear the words, but the tone was clear enough.He had left clear footprints in the wet sand.This makes the impossibility of sustaining an objective, scientific programme particularly clear in psychology.The prospective meaning of to is thus perfectly clear in this use.What is clear is that the most successful computerised personnel systems link payroll and personnel together.I only realised later that the clear liquid in the glass must have been vodka.Gun control laws are favored by a clear majority of Americans.a clear mountain lakeChildren need clear rules about what is allowed and what isn'tclear signs of an economic recoveryProbably the clearest statements on book selection are by Lester Asheim in a defence of book selection against the charge of censorship.It was clear that Lesley was very upset by what had happened.It soon became clear that there were not enough police officers to deal with the situation.Perhaps I didn't make myself clear - there won't be a penny of extra money for this project.It was clear to me that my father was dying.Most of the 'help' messages you get on computers aren't at all clear to ordinary home users.It may be clear to you, but I haven't got a clue what it means.Let me get this clear - you weren't even there at the time?clear about what/when/how etcTypical blockages to objective setting include the following: People are often not clear about what an objective actually is.Be very clear about what chores are to be completed and when.But they were not clear about what exactly is being applied for.He was clear about what he wanted, but gave the dancers evocative images to help them understand and deepen their interpretations.Finally, other people involved in the patient's care should be clear about what is happening.For sure, though, she would be clear about how much she hated tying her self-esteem to the whims of idiots.Morgan was less clear about what remedies the board might impose.As with all radioactive methods, it is important to be clear about what sets the radioactive clock to zero.it is clear whether/why/how etcTo me, it is clear why more of them do not vote, but it is hard to explain.As we look at this reply, it is clear why psychotherapy often takes so long.clear about/onThere are a few points that I'm not really clear on.She had never been clear about Joseph.They had originally been very clear about not giving land for peace.But we should know why we are doing so and be clear about the reasons why.Mario was always very clear on the subject, and I also talked at length with Peterson during the following year.They are clear about their objectives; they know what they want.You would think that the law is clear on this area.Morgan was less clear about what remedies the board might impose.Commentators need to be clear about whether they are enquiring into interviewees' reading or their politics.clear headA clear head and diplomacy were vital as well as endless patience.He has obvious managerial qualities, a clear head and quick feet.The remedy is to keep a clear head and remain in control.Although he enjoyed gambling, this was not a time for such activities; he needed a clear head at all times.Hutton said last week that it took another 12 hours before Reagan was medically fit and clear headed enough to make decisions.He felt clear headed enough to tackle the remainder of the long journey north.Mario is able to keep a clear head even when things are going wrong.They need a clear head - Lord grant them Your wisdom.crystal clearEverything, it says, is not exactly crystal clear.There was no wind, the air crystal clear.The water is crystal clear and slow moving, usually neutral or a little acid.Everything crystal clear but refusing to make sense.Two points became crystal clear during the 1985-86 events.I am confident that those results will pass a crystal clear judgment that people are afraid of the Labour party in London.The meeting made it crystal clear that Carter was determined to go ahead with the withdrawal.Such research makes it crystal clear that decisions about normality and abnormality are filled with biases.clear view/lookThe snow had almost stopped falling and he had a clear view.When Kaiser and I got there about ten minutes later, the Huey was just sitting there in a clearing looking fine.The door into the alleyway was open, giving a clear view into the bakery.When she came very near, I had a clear view of her face, turned brightly to the moonlight.Federal guidelines require that tower personnel clearing aircraft for arrivals and departures have clear views of runways below them.But I had a clear view of the table last night, and it wasn't there.From the railway platform, we had a clear view seaward.The toughest challenge for macroeconomists is to get a clear view through the clouds.