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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcoffeecof‧fee /ˈkɒfi $ ˈkɒːfi, ˈkɑːfi/ ●●● S1 W2 noun  1 coffee.jpg DFD[uncountable] a hot dark brown drink that has a slightly bitter taste Do you want a cup of coffee? Do you like your coffee white (=with milk) or black? (=without milk)2 [countable, uncountable]DFD a cup of coffee Who wants a coffee?over coffee dinner guests chatting over coffee (=while drinking coffee) decaffeinated3 DFD[uncountable] whole coffee beans, crushed coffee beans, or a powder to which you add water to make coffee a jar of coffee instant coffee (=powdered coffee) I haven’t got any real coffee (=coffee beans) at the moment.4 [uncountable]CC a light brown colour wake up and smell the coffee at wake upCOLLOCATIONSphrasesa cup/mug of coffeeJake had a quick breakfast and a mug of coffee.a pot of coffeeShall I make a pot of coffee?verbshave a coffeeShe stopped in a café to have a quick coffee.drink coffeeI don’t often drink coffee.sip coffee (=drink it slowly)He sat in his chair, peacefully sipping his coffee.make coffeeYou wash up and I’ll make the coffee.pour the coffee (out)He poured the coffee out into mugs.spill coffeeHe’d accidentally spilt coffee over the table.adjectives black (=without milk)He went up to the counter and ordered a black coffee.white (=with milk)I’d like a white coffee, please.fresh (=made very recently using coffee beans)the delicious smell of fresh coffeestrong/weakI needed some strong coffee to wake me up.milky (=with a lot of milk in it)a steaming mug of milky coffeedecaffeinated (also decaf informal) (=without any caffeine in it)Have you got any decaf coffee?coffee + NOUNa coffee cup/mugKate put down her coffee cup.a coffee potShe refilled the coffee pot.a coffee machine (=for making coffee)Janice crossed to the coffee machine and filled two plastic cups.a coffee break (=a break from work to have some coffee)Shall we stop for a coffee break?a coffee stain (=a mark left by coffee or a coffee cup)The table was covered in coffee stains. THESAURUStypes of coffeeespresso strong black Italian coffeeI’ll have a double espresso.latte coffee made by adding a lot of hot milk to a small amount of strong coffeeTwo lattes please.cappuccino coffee that has hot milk with a lot of bubbles in it, usually with chocolate powder on topI’ll have another cappuccino, please.Americano coffee made by pouring a small amount of strong black Italian coffee on top of hot waterCan I have an Americano?decaf informal coffee that does not contain caffeine . Decaf is short for ‘decaffeinated’I always drink decaf.a decaf latteskinny a skinny latte or cappuccino has very low-fat milk in itI asked for a skinny latte, not a full-fat one.filter coffee coffee made using a paper filterWe usually drink filter coffee at home.iced coffee coffee served cold with icea can of iced coffee
Examples from the Corpus
coffeeThey can be purchased as liquid, frozen liquid, or spray-dried coffee whitener.That's four coffees and two pieces of apple pie, right?A variety of gourmet coffees are on sale.This chamber is a natural place for Bardul to retire to talk with the adventurers and offer some of his Lustrian coffee.More stories, more coffee and another try with Pete's transistor radio.Maybe you gave up, stopped for a cup of coffee on Hudson Street, and got lucky when I turned up.But it was far too early for any taverns or coffee houses to be open.We finish our coffee, put our photos away, and bow good-bye for the morning.They discussed the plans over coffee in SoHo.The chicken was delicious, and Lisa was feeling revitalised as she made herself some coffee and settled down to work.instant coffeeWidely available since the 1930s, instant coffee is produced commercially by brewing ground freshly roasted coffee to a strong concentrate.Freeze dried instant coffee is always more granular and chunky than instant coffee powder.Freeze dried instant coffee is more aromatic than the instant coffee powder and more expensive.Sorry, all I have is instant coffee.I regularly pay £5 for 300g of instant coffee.I've always got plenty of instant coffee and rapport ... Maybe he was shy.He tries very slowly to stand up and get to the kitchen to give me some instant coffee.Nestlé, for example, vary their instant coffee to suit the tastes of coffee drinkers in different countries.