Date: 1500-1600
Language: Italian
Origin: caffè, from Turkish kahve, from Arabic qahwa


cof‧fee S1 W2
1DFD [uncountable] a hot dark brown drink that has a slightly bitter taste:
Do you want a cup of coffee?
Do you like your coffee white (=with milk) or black (=without milk)?
2 [uncountable and countable]DFD a cup of coffee:
Who wants a coffee?
over coffee
dinner guests chatting over coffee (=while drinking coffee)
3DFD [uncountable] whole coffee beans, crushed coffee beans, or a powder to which you add water to make coffee:
a jar of coffee
instant coffee (=powdered coffee)
I haven't got any real coffee (=coffee beans) at the moment.
4 [uncountable]CC a light brown colour

➔ wake up and smell the coffee

at wake up (3)

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