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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcreamycream‧y /ˈkriːmi/ adjective (comparative creamier, superlative creamiest)  1 CSTHICK LIQUIDthick and smooth like cream Beat the mixture until smooth and creamy. a soft cheese with a creamy texture2 DFcontaining cream creamy milk3 CCpale yellow-white in colour
Examples from the Corpus
creamyAdd the chocolate to the butter and eggs, stirring the mixture until it is thick and creamy.The tomato soup was hot, creamy and delicious.She hid them while Roberts served creamy chicken from a steaming casserole.A creamy green sauce, redolent of sweet pea and butter, provides the final touch.fresh creamy milkcreamy peanut butterThey jangled when she moved and brushed her creamy shoulders each time she turned her head.It's swift and easy acceleration-60 in fractionally under 10 seconds and creamy smooth all the way to the red line.Wilson is a fiercely independent, 40-year-old singer and songwriter with a creamy, sultry contralto.Pan-fried Louisiana crab cakes with remoulade sauce and Cobb salad with creamy tarragon sauce are perennial lunchtime favorites.Left: Earthworms - creamy type.Their skins are creamy yellow and their black eyes are set under narrow slanting lids.