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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdappleddap‧pled /ˈdæpəld/ adjective  CCmarked with spots of colour, light, or shade the dappled shade of the trees
Examples from the Corpus
dappledBlue-winged dragons o'er dappled Cam skimming, Forked tailed martins, dipping and winging.He put his head next to mine, as we looked up at the few small, dappled clouds.At first it appeared to be empty, but then, on the dappled ground, I saw a rock python.The dappled night shadows, the inky blue trees sway lightly in the breeze.But it does best in the dappled shade you get under shrubs or woodland trees.Plant soft-leaved species, susceptible to sun-scorch, in dappled shade.The golden, spotted coat mirrors the dappled sunlight of the forest.By and large, roses are for open situations and full sun, not dappled sunlight or shade.