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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishduskydusk‧y /ˈdʌski/ adjective  CCDARKdark or not very bright in colour The room was filled with dusky shadows.dusky pink/orange/blue etc a dusky pink room
Examples from the Corpus
duskyBy 8: 25 it is quite dusky, and the hermit thrushes are just coming into stride.I stood in the middle of the dusky field and let Janir slump against my back.Rachel's skin turned dusky gold.Reese is in Hawaii, chasing maidens of dusky hue.a dusky museumThe only faces that greeted them belonged to sundry dead abbots glaring down from dusky oil paintings.On day 6 the ileostomy became dusky red and biopsy revealed early cellular rejection without loss of epithelium.The dusky salamander lives in the southern Appalachian Mountains, and likes to stay at home.A long-tailed, hawk-like bird emerged from the trees, dusky shape in the gloom.dusky pink/orange/blue etcThe shimmering dusky pink of a poppy field under a dawn sky.She looked so beautiful in a dusky pink outfit.