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flushflush2 noun  1 redness on face [singular]CC a red colour that appears on your face when you are angry or embarrassed syn blush His words brought a warm flush to her face. hot flush2 a flush of anger/embarrassment/excitement etc3 toilet [countable] a) the part of a toilet that cleans it with a sudden flow of water The flush isn’t working properly. b) the act of cleaning a toilet by forcing water through it4 DGCcards [countable] a set of cards that someone has in a card game that are all of the same suit5 the first flush of youth/manhood6 a flush of something
Examples from the Corpus
flushBritain now, on the international stage, is a busted flush.And what young man is beyond such indulgences in the early flush of being the recipient of a woman such as Marie-Claude?Pick off just the first flush of flowers from the ever-bearing kinds.I see the rictus and an entirely gratuitous glowing flush on her throat.The hectic flush on Isabel's face gradually faded as she watched fitzAlan leave.The total number of flushes to date is 202,063, with one in five a freebie.The average toilet uses 5 gallons of water per flush.It doesn't contain water, but makes an authentic-sounding flush.The flush of the olive cheek.