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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishiridescentir‧i‧des‧cent /ˌɪrəˈdesənt◂/ adjective formal  CCshowing colours that seem to change in different lights small iridescent blue fliesiridescence noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
iridescentQuite why females should be so impressed by plumes, iridescent colours and whirling displays is an interesting question.We'd dearly love to grab squares of iridescent fabric and twist them into fabulously flattering Jerry Hallesque wraps.The works range from the sublime, with textured prints in iridescent gold, to humorously eccentric meat and sky collages.These have ornamental foliage and iridescent lavender blooms in summer.Most have an iridescent or metallic edge to them.It penetrated a stained-glass window, spreading lozenge shapes of iridescent purple, yellow, red and blue on the tiled floor.an iridescent silk suitThey also develop an iridescent silvery blue sheen on the body.A magnificent dragonfly with its iridescent wings settled on her shoulder.