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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlime greenˌlime ˈgreen noun [uncountable]  CCa light yellowish green colourlime-green adjective
Examples from the Corpus
lime greenTealight candleholders by Design Ideas, for instance, are daisy shaped but colored acid blue, lime green and raspberry.By flaking off successive layers, the tree displays a bark of beige, cinnamon, lime green and slate blue.Twachtman puts his lime green in the sky instead of on saguaros, the pale blue on a rock.His lower body is lime green with a rich shading of deep red across the upper half.The window frames had been painted lime green approximately seventy-four years ago.Walls were painted lime green and lilac.Possibilities remaining were pink, lime green, orange and mauve.The contrast between the lime green and the rose pink was striking.