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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishluminouslu‧mi‧nous /ˈluːmɪnəs/ adjective  1 CCSHINEshining in the dark luminous paint Her large dark eyes were almost luminous.2 BRIGHTvery brightly coloured, especially in green, pink, or yellow syn Day-Glo luminous green socksluminously adverbluminosity /ˌluːməˈnɒsəti $ -ˈnɑː-/ noun [uncountable] technical the sun’s luminosity
Examples from the Corpus
luminousHer eyes were dark and luminous and her faintly olive skin normally carried a dusting of colour, high on her cheekbones.The mountains, luminous and romantic, lay all across the western horizon.But why should the choice involve a showy crown or a pair of luminous buttocks?He couldn't tell what time it was since his watch didn't have a luminous dial.Her eyes were huge, almost luminous in the shadowy light.The sky was aflame with the aurora borealis, the eerily luminous northern lights.It's a good idea to paint your bike with luminous paint so that you are more visible to motorists.luminous road signsluminous socksTau Ceti is rather smaller, dimmer and less luminous than the Sun.