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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmagnoliamag‧no‧li‧a /mæɡˈnəʊliə $ -ˈnoʊ-/ noun  1 [countable]HBP a tree with large white, pink, yellow, or purple flowers2 [uncountable]CC a very pale cream colourmagnolia adjective
Examples from the Corpus
magnoliaIt is rare at Lanhydrock for there not to be a magnolia in flower.He had never owned a magnolia before nor a view.Q: How do we induce magnolia and dogwood trees to bloom?The small magnolia, likewise flowers with me finely.The woodwork is in Crown Solo magnolia gloss at £6.49 per litre.Leaf drop is normal on Southern magnolias.When they thinned out he headed for the cherry blossoms, then magnolia, chinaberry, pecan, walnut and prickly pear.