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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmulticolouredmul‧ti‧col‧oured British English, multicolored American English /ˈmʌltiˌkʌləd $ -ərd/ adjective  CChaving many different colours a multicoloured sweatshirtsee thesaurus at colour
Examples from the Corpus
multicolouredThat was who it must have been, for their faces were messily multicoloured.This gives an all-over multicoloured effect to the knitting.A giant multicoloured flag waved in the midday sun.The slides were white and round with protruding domes of multicoloured plastic.Hour after hour the great multicoloured sails swept past.The plate was then varnished and dried, providing a hard, multicoloured screen.Therese was huddled in nearly every garment she possessed, slacks, jumpers, her shabby grey coat and the multicoloured shawl.Outside, the bright lights and multicoloured signs blinked and gleamed in the cold darkness.Otherwise he had used the existing old army blanket folded beneath him and on top the blanket of multicoloured woollen squares.