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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisholiveol‧ive /ˈɒləv $ ˈɑː-/ ●●○ noun  1 [countable] a small bitter egg-shaped black or green fruit, used as food and for making oil2 [countable] (also olive tree)HBP a tree that produces olives, grown especially in Mediterranean countries an olive grove3 DCBCC[uncountable] (also olive green) a deep yellowish green colour4 olive skin/complexion5 extend/offer/hold out etc an olive branch (to somebody)olive adjective an olive sweatshirt
Examples from the Corpus
oliveStir in zucchini, garbanzo beans, olives, salt and pepper.Add black olives and tomatoes and simmer sauce vigorously for 4 to 5 minutes to intensify.Greek black olivesIt is delicious in salads of onion, tomato and juicy black olives, sprinkled with fresh oregano.Lunch was a collation of local salami, black olives, spring onions and dark soft rye-bread.Just taste those black olives, and the feta.The luncheon table in the little cottage was spread with cheese, olives, sardines and bread.This is easily remedied, but a new olive may be required.olive groveHis island, she mused, as she drove through almond and olive groves.In minutes you can leave the sea for chestnut trees and olive groves.These men also have olive groves and cold-press their own virgin oil.And what about the olive grove at Spello?Out among the olive groves and white-washed villages, or in the streets and galleries, you realise how little has changed.Below the olive groves, sloping fields produce lush vines and the valleys are full of sunflowers, tomatoes and maize.On a rocky unmade track through the olive groves, we might have strayed through a time warp into a Biblical landscape.Situated on the eastern shore of the lake with a backdrop of terraced vineyards, olive groves and cypress trees.